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WhoKnocked - What is a Process Server
WhoKnocked - What is a Process Server

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Updated over a week ago WhoKnocked aims to bring security and transparency to the service of process (process serving). Through technology, WhoKnocked offers YOU the ability to have a say on when and where you are served. This makes getting served safer and eliminates the chance of being served in an undesirable setting.

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a disinterested party assisting with the delivery of legal documents. The responsibility of the process server is to deliver legal documents to a person(s) involved in a legal matter. This is a fundamental aspect of due process.

Why is the Process Server knocking at my door?

Could be several reasons including:

  • You have been named in a lawsuit either as a defendant or as a witness

  • The address where you live(or work) was used by someone else who has been named in a lawsuit either as a defendant or a witness

What do I do next?

Talk to the process server......the quickest and simplest way to get answers is to talk to the process server. If the documents are for you receiving them will allow you to understand why you are involved and will assist you in determining your next steps. If the documents are not for you talking with the process server will clear up why your address is not a reasonable place to find the person they need to find.

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