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WhoKnocked - What is WhoKnocked?
WhoKnocked - What is WhoKnocked?

Connect with process servers who may be trying to reach you

Written by James Racina
Updated over a week ago

WhoKnocked is a web-based platform where YOU can connect with process servers who may be trying to reach you. You and process servers can discreetly and securely communicate with one another regarding the matter. Based on the information received, you can schedule a time to accept service of process from the process server. WhoKnocked will have the ability to connect you directly with the party of the suit, which may help you resolve the matter.

Process Servers attempt to reach thousands of named parties to perform service of process every day across the world. From time to time, the information (such as the address of the named party) may have changed. WhoKnocked allows the person finding the WhoKnocked card to quickly and easily relay that change, without actually “facing” the process server. This minimizes uninvolved parties from being inconvenienced by a process server continuing to “knock” on the improper door.

Assuming the change in information provided can be independently verified, the process server will cease continuing to “knock” on your door.

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